Hope our choices meet…

I’m warming up to this blog-thing… [Wow that sort off makes me sound really old] Anyway, I have some choices to make and I have no idea how they will turn out or even if I’ll actually have the courage to make them.

If you read my previous entry you’ll see that things change pretty quickly here in Zimbabwe and there really is no telling what could happen tomorrow. So I need to keep my options open, which is pretty ridiculous because I just don’t believe you can fully commit to something unless you convince yourself that this is your only option. Well, at least in my experience I’ve discovered that in a way, I need to trick myself into making the really big decisions.

So my options are pretty vast, which ironically makes this a whole lot harder. Staying here in Zim is the easiest choice but with the elections only happening in the middle of next year, I fear that political tactics might translate into a lot of changes on the ground. In that case, I need to be prepared to leave without even a second thought.

The logical place for me to go is South Africa, but SA is a pretty big place… I have family scattered all over the place but most of them are still in the Western Cape. However, I would prefer not to go back there permanently. I prefer a city on the other side of the country called Durban. I think London may have influenced me more than I originally thought, because the idea of not living in a city bores me to an extent. Durban is pretty large and has dramatically improved over the last 4 years, especially with the new stadiums they built there.

The tourism industry is booming and with the prospect of being the hosts of the Olimpic Games in a few years time, it can only get better. The other huge bonus is that it’s situated on the east coast which means the Indian Ocean currents keeps the ocean water pretty warm. People there are obviously very relaxed- I mean, how could they not be with a view like that? Ok, I must admit that seeing the shark-nets from the beach is concerning at times but it’s a minor detail I will easily over look.

The other plus side to living in a city is that there will always be work for IT consultants. In case you’re missing the link between me and IT consultants: the man of my dreams has discovered a passion for the art of binary-code and things that end with RAM. So where I go, hope he will go.

This probably seems very clear-cut but it’s not. Leaving the country you were born in is never easy, even when it makes perfect sense. Starting over isn’t easy either, especially when your parents have to start all over too and they are no longer spring chickens. I doubt that his parents would go to Durban, simply because they know little of it and feel more comfortable closer to the Northern border. I want him to be with me but I will not make him choose between me and his parents!

As much as even the fleeting thought of not waking up next to him in 20years terrifies me, I cannot follow him to some random place in my country. I will not ask him to turn away from his parents for us, which means I’ll just have to trust that he makes a choice that makes him happy and that somehow our choices will end up meeting…

Have faith,



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