Still adapting

Well the force of decisions has been placed on hold for a bit, mainly because information keeps changing every hour. I guess that’s to be expected when you are making choices that affect someone other than yourself.

So for the time being I’m still focused on adapting to Zim. Let’s start with last night. There was a power failure which resulted in the attack of mosquitoes [locally referred to as DJ Mozzie because of their pestering flutter]. Maybe I should explain why the power failure is to blame for our lack of sleep. It’s actually quite simple, the temperature this close to the equator is pretty damn hot so at night and basically most of the day, the windows remain open. Obviously this allows all sorts of bugs’ free entrance. Usually we have the fan running and this prevents the little mozzies from bothering us. Clearly using a fan during a power failure is not exactly an option. At one point we got so fed up, we switched beds and even used a light bed sheet as a tent over us- until that became too hot of course. So today we bought some mosquito quills, because being kept awake by a scrawny little bug is just ridiculous.

One of the other major differences here is the roads. I’m not referring to the potholes, because there are loads of them in certain parts of South Africa as well. It’s the lines that divide the road or rather the lack of white and yellow lines. During the night it is even more concerning as there are no cat-eyes either. When there is a power-failure the street lights are out two and you are practically left to the devises of the dark. It’s scary enough to convince me not to drive here at night. During the day you obviously don’t have a problem. Well, that is to say: you don’t have a problem unless you have to stop in the middle of your route to allow the president to pass. Still find that a bit strange…

But one of the weirdest things I’m having trouble adjusting to is the fact that there’s a gardener and a housekeeper living in the courters right behind the house and they are here every day from 7am to 5pm. Now that would make sense if we were like really messy or even if there were more than 3 of us or maybe just if we were home more. The guys leave at 7am and only get back between 7-9pm, after which they eat something quick and go straight up to their rooms to watch movies or play games. So I’m feeling a bit guilty about the whole thing, especially when you take into consideration that they hand-wash the clothes, even though there is a washing machine…

With all these things considered, I still love my decision to come here. You can just feel the passion and pride as everyone I’ve met keeps on believing next year will be better.

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