Spin the bottle

Tomorrow I will make a week since I first arrived in Harare. In some respect it feels like I’ve been here my whole life but looking back on this week it’s hard to believe how quickly it has passed.

I guess time flies when you’re having fun and I am having fun! I met some really amazing people. First there’s Flight, I absolutely love her! It’s good to know that I’m not the only one crazy enough to leave the U.K. for a guy in Zim. Our relationships with the guys we love are very similar and it is great to, for once, not have to explain how I feel because she’s feeling the exact same things. Her man is one of JS’s great friends, Keith.

Keith, like JS is a master of IT, which translates into a go-getter work ethic and of course the way they choose to relax is by playing war games on their computers [referred to by me and Flight as their ‘Egos’]. But all in all he’s a pretty nice guy and very considerate, what else could one ask for?

Sammy is the youngest of the bunch but sometimes it seems like she has more life experience than the rest of combined. No idea how that is possible! She’s still in school and dating the tallest of the group, Kevin. He’s a mechanic and absolutely loves his work! He has a passion for everything that moves.  [In case you misunderstood: I’m talking about cars, tractors, planes, gears, and ext.] He’s very sweet and protective, not just of Sammy but basically over all of us.

Alex was the odd one out and chose to drown his loneliness in a variation of drinks. Actually in all fairness, it wasn’t so much his choice as it was Lady Luck. Poor guy! The amount of alcohol he consumed amazed even me and I can say this: ‘he ain’t no quitter!’

Spin the bottle was classic! I know you might think that a group of 20year-olds would be so over Spin-the-bottle but in our defence: we found the perfect bottle! The almost empty Mexican Tequila bottle with its one flat side was just too perfect for us to ignore. If you’re wondering how the guys convinced us to go along with it, simple: we had 3 options. Either Spin-the-bottle or Strip Poker or get through into the pool. In hindsight we should probably have just jumped into the pool since most of us ended up getting wet as part of the dare anyway…

It was really an interesting way of getting to know people for the first time. With Spin-the-bottle there really is no hose barred! No time for being shy or making up answers to really personal questions! It’s like the truth serum of our youth. If only we could all be that open and direct about everything we do, think and feel!

Just my opinion,



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