Fuck Cancer

 JS is growing a moustache for Movember. It irritates the living daylights out of him and he has to fight the urge to shave it off every morning. Normally I’m not a big fan facial hair but since it’s for a good cause, it makes him look even hotter.

The strangest thing I have found about Movember and even Brest Cancer awareness month (October) is that more people discover they have cancer in these months than any others. Some may say that’s just my heightened imagination but I disagree. I believe that these two initiatives are actually reaching their goal. Obviously they are increasing their visibility and opening the doors to those people who would usually be too afraid to get tested. Plus they share experiences which offer hope to those who have been diagnosed positively. The more we know the better!

The other sad reality about all cancers is how little doctors still know- granted they know more than did only a few years ago but still, they know very little. This is precisely why early diagnoses are so vital, especially if you have a history of hereditary cancer in your family! I have to admit that I’m a bit scared to get tested for everything but I have seen how quickly cancer can take its toll and I have also seen many people out live their doctors’ expectations and even enter remission long after the doctors have given up hope.

Yesterday we met a kid- 16 years old- whom have been diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. He’s only 16! Cancer really doesn’t see age or gender or for that matter anything else. Cancer is so utterly unbiased! The phrase ‘It’ll never happen to me’ comes to mind… I have heard so many people use it, mostly I believe out of fear. A lot of people in my family have said that they would rather not know and once I use to agree with them. But see, Cancer Research has come a long way since then.

Cancer does not have to be the death sentence it once was. There are ways of not just getting through it but also beating it completely. The trick is to not hide under a rock. Don’t pretend it doesn’t exist or try to protect your family by hiding it and basically living in fear. That is not fair and that is not a life! Yes, it is scary and yes it can be overwhelming but that is exactly why you need your family to know and understand and take your hand through this journey, whether it is short or long.

One of the other amazing things about Movember and Breast Cancer Awareness Month is how many people have come forward willing to share their stories. Share the sadness and the pain and the confusion and the triumphs and the moments that change their lives. The Sunflower Foundation and of course Cancer Research have made great leaps in helping not only those with cancer but also couching their families on what to expect.

I beg you all to get tested. If you have even an inkling of a thought that you could be at risk and especially if you don’t! Just get tested…




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