The road ahead

With all things happening so quickly it is hard to say where we’ll be even next week, let alone ‘the future’. But in my honest opinion: I am glad that this happened.

Not so much the way it happened or the sadness and pain involved but definitely the freedom that comes as a result. Losing the farm [for the second time in 10years] your father built from scratch is obviously not easy but for the first time they have a choice in their path ahead. Since JS’s dad was born it was expected of him to grow up to take care of the farm and that was that. He would be a farmer forever and this was decided before he even had a name. With the farm gone and nothing forcing him to stay, he gets to choose.

Whatever he wants to do and where ever he wants to do it, he only has to think of himself because for once no one will blame him for walking away. The fought for 11 years; they started over 7 times with absolutely nothing; they came back and tried again; they stuck it out while everyone else left and in the end none of it really mattered. So this time, they have a clear conscience and no one will dare to say they did not try to make it work. No one can point a finger or suggest anything else they could have done. This time people will support their life choice no matter what it may be.

I’m not sure any of this makes since, I’m still trying to figure it out. I’m just choosing to see the silver lining where everyone else has chosen to sit in the shadow of the dark clouds. It can only get better…

Just a thought,



What is your view?

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