Some random titbits of information I have learned over the last few days.

  1. This one guy [I won’t say how he fits into the picture of my life during the last two weeks] is running for mayor during the next elections. His massive strategy to win the seat is to by underwear! Yip, he is clearly the right person for the job *sarcasm*. He figured that investing in loads of panties and then handing it out to all of the women in town, would guarantee their votes… When did governments get reduced to this? We’ll have to wait and see if his strategy pans out.


  1. Apparently England will be paying out the Zimbabwe farmers. Those farmers whose land has been confiscated by the War Veterans will be paid for the infrastructure they put in place on their individual farms. I’m not sure if they will be paid for all of their farms or just for one or even maybe just a select few but it’s better than nothing. If you’re wondering why the UK is coughing up and paying the bill, well that’s because those farmers who lost their land and livelihood were fighting on England’s side during the war they are now being penalised for.


  1. I’m not a fan of Sangomas (witchdoctors) but a lot of people believe they can prophesy the future and decipher dreams. One dream that multiple people have repeatedly had is the one of war. Troops to their left and troops to their right fighting it out while they stand unharmed in the middle. These Sangomas have interpreted it as a war waiting to happen and when it does these white farmers will not be involved and will not be harmed, they will leave unscathed as everyone else feel content on destroying their brothers.

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