Land Grabbers

Not all things are clear cut. Here in Zim it’s pretty black and white: if you’re black you’re in and if you’re white you’re out! But even that line has a grey area…

Most whites here are/were farmers, there are/were several miners but most of them also had farms anyway. It’s what they know and what they were exceedingly brilliant at. But with black it gets a bit more complicated. Depending on which point in history you choose to start, they could basically be anything or nothing for that matter. So at the moment you have 3 groupings: 1. Those who go by their day to day jobs with no major aspirations and only have the need to survive; 2. The War Veterans (some of whom never actually fought in a war) and 3. You have the annoying Land Grabbers.

The difference between the War Vets and the Land Grabbers is quite significant as it is these Land Grabbers that really give the War Vets a bad name. The redistribution law was designed to reward those War Veterans who devoted their time to the war instead of finding and developing land. Which is fair enough- it sucks that they have to take land and years of memories from others who also fought in the same war thinking they were fighting terrorists but his is Africa and war has always plagued this continent and we have to carry the consequences of those who came before us. This aside, a lot of the farms that’s been taken over the last 11years have been left in ruins but the few that are still in operation are either owned by ‘Willing buyer-willing seller’ farmers or War Vets. Somehow other people (friends of people in high places) placed claims on these lands and ran it into the ground.

These Land Grabbers were given the land by the lands office mostly because the law wasn’t thought out properly and basically they just wanted the white farmers out so they didn’t consider replacement applicants by any criteria other than the colour of their skin. The worst thing about the LG’s is how little they care about the produce and the farm itself. Their main concern is with getting the house. What makes it worse is the fact that they rarely live inside the house, usually they just break off the doors and sink roofs and build themselves a shack or simply just sell it off to others. And then they boast about the fact that they kicked a hardworking-much-needed-food-providing-farmer off the land that was left for him by his great-grandfather. That is the bitter pill Zimbabweans (black and white) is having trouble swallowing.

The LG’s are cocky and arrogant and honestly I’m having trouble seeing why. I have no idea how they can look themselves in the mirror and say ‘well done’? But somehow they do and then they are not content with destroying only one family’s legacy and completely disrupting hundreds of people’s lives, they want more. Most of these LG’s have more than one property given to them by government and the only logical assumption is that they know the right people at the right junctions in the chain of command.

At the moment the War Vets are fed up! They are tired of seeing their country run into the ground by these obtuse idiots and they would prefer that the original farmers get some of their land back and actually farm it! The War Vets are realising that the original farmers provided much needed jobs and more importantly food to sustain a growing country. This is why a group of them gathered the other day to discuss this one specific farm.

To put it mildly: they were not happy! For a start they (including The Cornel) only found out about it long after it was put into motion, they were left out of the loop and that is a no-no. The fact that they asked this family to return to their land once before shows that they understood the importance of this farm and for some Land Grabber friend of a MP to walk in and just Clause 17 them is such a slap in the face. Considering that this particular LG had already received and pretty much destroyed several other properties is just adding insult to injury. So they fired the DCC on the spot. I can tell you one thing: the War Vets are a force to be reckoned with!

We heard yesterday that the War Vets (in full force) went to the farm and told the LG to get out. This probably explains why he’s been trying to call us for the last two days but after what he’s put this family through, we haven’t been answering. The War Vets and all the farm workers are insisting that the farmhouse, dairy, silos, butchery and piece of land be returned to the family. It’s interesting to see how the War Vets are sticking up for the farmers and this isn’t something new, it’s been happening throughout the last 11 years just not to too much success. The Government wants to paint a picture of black unity against the colonial white farmers but in actual fact, this is not the case. It has never been.

Africa had wars long before Europe learned how to sail their boats over here. The underlined hatred and hunger for power has been hidden behind colour and race but it has never been dealt with. So here we are in the 21st century and Africa is on the brink of being forced to face the skeletons in their closet. This land reform maybe labelled a racist act or even seen by most as a vendetta Bob has against England represented by the whites but it’s not that black and white.

Maybe he’s building up his own army and maybe he’s just scared that his enemies are building a stronger force but whatever Bob is thinking, it’s going to blow up in his face. The Vets are smarter than this government would like them to be and the Land Grabbers are destroying everything in sight faster than it can be rebuilt. It won’t take much more for the War Vets to go back to what they know: war. Not against England and Europe or the original farmers but against those who have destroyed the land they spent their youths fighting for!

We live in interesting times and our children will look back on these days and wonder why no one stopped it? Wonder why they couldn’t see what is right around the corner…

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