Feel less alone

I’ve had a chill-by-myself-day today. JS is at a computer gaming competition and his cousin had a busy day of weddings and rugby, so I made myself useful or rather just did absolutely nothing of importance.

A bit of yoga and loads of movies combined with fresh fruit and coffee. I love my life! Ordinarily I’d get a bit lonely and call up a bunch of people but somehow today I’m quite content with just being by myself. I think the major difference between today and all the other times I’ve had no obligations is the fact that even though I never left the house I still won’t go to sleep alone tonight.

On some level I’m concerned about my new sense of blissful solitude but on the other hand I’m ecstatic about the growth. Being sustained on the thought of having someone to share my thoughts with before I drift off to dreamland is truly something new to me. I love people and being constantly on the go so for me to find myself just relaxing at home knowing everyone else is out and about, it’s pretty amazing.

I think all of us need connections in life. Those people we can call up in the middle of the night just to talk about the mundane things like what we’re making for lunch tomorrow or about the huge issues we have trouble facing alone. I’m extremely grateful that I managed to find someone who makes me feel whole even when we’re apart and all warm and fuzzy inside when we’re together.

I know this is pretty soppy and not exactly in character but this is how I feel. I guess sometimes these emotions are just too much to keep inside. I just want to share how happy I am and how exceptionally lucky I am. I love my life! If all the people in my life could feel ~even just for a second~ what I’m feeling right now, life would be so much better…

Knowing that I can come home to someone who loves me and who’s willing to listen to every crazy question I ask without getting irritated, makes me smile from ear to ear. In the words of Adam Young: “When I think of you I don’t feel so alone” ❤

Just a thought,



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