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Tonight he cooked dinner for us: a quick basic 25min meal. His mince was undercooked; his unions were half raw and he could have added more salt… But it’s not like I’m going to tell him that!

I’d rather focus on the fact that he was thoughtful enough to make us a wonderful meal and of course his rice was perfect. It may seem silly that I’m even thinking about this but you have to remember that I love him and pretty much think about all things related to him 24/7. I love how much he cares and obviously next time I’ll suggest an Oxo cube for that added salt effect and distract him a bit longer so that we can be sure the food is completely cooked.

But by tomorrow I won’t even remember any of these faults; two weeks from now all I will remember from this day is how his cousin and I negotiated and struggled to plug speakers into my laptop. I’ll also remember the ‘Your shoelaces are untied’ thing and the other jokes we shared. I’ll remember the conversation about cutting unions and refilling water bottles. In short: I’ll remember the atmosphere and how much we enjoy being together… the food is just a by product.

I find it funny how all of a sudden I see making food as a discussion opportunity instead of a thing to ensure I stay alive. This is what several members of my family have been trying very hard to teach me over the last 23 years but I’ve always found climbing a tree to be more intriguing. Maybe it just takes the right person to change my mind.

He’s playing Battlefield [Amazing graphics that makes we want to go join a war] on his computer next to me, blissfully unaware of the fact that I’m talking about him. It’s quite amazing how we can both be doing very different things without feeling as if we are ignoring each other at all. As an only child: I love me time. So to be able to have ‘me time’ without actually being alone is extremely cool! I get to be alone without being lonely…

I just wanted to share these moments with you, because sometimes I forget just how lucky I am and I guess I just wanted to remind you that no matter where you are in your life right now, there are plenty of happy moments waiting for you! Sometimes you just have look up from your screen and open your eyes. Opening your mind and heart won’t hurt either…

Just my opinion,



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