My silly little life

You know what; I love a lot of things. I love how everything looks greener when it rains; I love how awesome cold water tastes on a really hot day and I love splashing someone with soapy water while washing the car.

There are about million other things like that I absolutely love about my life. This weekend I got to do a lot of them. Had a stroll through a Christmas market; had ice-cream with sprinkles on; made a huge fire that took 3 hours to cool down before we could actually start making food… Watched how someone meticulously mowed the lawn allowing us that unique smell of freshly cut grass; played werewolf and ghosts with a three year old; played the best drinking game ever and half of us weren’t even drinking alcohol!

Something else I love is the fact that I can list these things. Less than a year ago my whole life revolved around my career and I really couldn’t focus on anything else. Now I have time to sit down and talk to relative strangers about hats and ‘The old country’. I get to plan something without the fear of having to cancel at the last minute due to a sudden ‘emergency’ at the hotel. I got to spend the whole day with the man I love just doing normal things like grocery shopping and LAN gaming.

The day ended perfectly with a bunch of friends just sitting around a table waiting for the fire to settle down while playing an interesting version of a Monopoly like game: Dop Property. I’m not a fan of drinking games but I have to admit this one is intense! It’s really funny and that was when we were still sober so I can only imagine that it gets a lot more interesting when we are actually drunk. Half of us were only drinking normal cool drinks but that game pretty much makes everyone drink 3 portions every round and that’s if you’re lucky. So those of us on nun-alcoholic drinks had a severe sugar rush and this morning we had bigger hangovers than the actual drinkers. It was a lot of fun and nothing complicated, just a group of friends hanging out.

The cherry on the cake was today when we were washing the car. I know that might sound a bit silly but I love being outside and sharing something mundane like washing a vehicle with the person you want to share the rest of your life with. Just the subtle co operation and congratulations afterwards [you really have not seen a dirty car until you go where they drive on gravel more than on tar]. We did a smasher of a job and of course nothing can beat Handy Andy and the sound of some good music in the background.

I’m having a good day living my silly little life!

Till later,



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