Inspiring Friends

Inspiration is a funny thing: no one has ever been able to pin point a full proof formula for inspiration. We have all been inspired at least once in our lives and usually it comes when we are at our lowest or just about ready to give up.

I have this friend and for years she has managed to inspire me, even when we don’t speak for a year, she still manages to cross my thoughts and give me a lift when I need it most. When we were still in school, I managed to end up in a situation where I was barely keeping afloat with my school work, extracurricular activities and friends and family. Now if we were to compare point by point all the things I had to get done on a daily basis, it would outnumber the amount of things she had on her plate, even weighing its complexity or importance would still put mine on top. But that’s not how I chose to see it back then.

Every day I’d sit in our registration period after meeting with at least 3 groups of people and compile my to-do list. By the end of the 15min period I’d almost be exhausted simply by staring at this daunting list on top of my normal class schedule. Just as I am about to go into a negative train of thought, I’d look up and sitting across from me would be my friend. She’d be laughing or smiling and I’d start to think: If she can smile then so can I. I’d start compiling a list in my head of all the things I knew she had to get done that week and compare that entire list to the first thing on my list. That’s basically how I made it through that unexpectedly chaotic year: I’d compare her weekly to do list to one thing on my list and after that’s done, I’d do the same with the second and the next and well, you get the idea.

So before I knew it I’d be through my list because when you take it one step at a time, it really seems a lot easier. Reading it back now, it sounds like a lot of psycho babble that I used to trick myself into not being overwhelmed by details and maybe that’s exactly what it was but to me knowing that I had amazing friends who worked really hard for all of their achievements and who managed to smile and in the process inspire me while they were under that much pressure, still makes me smile and reminds me that I can still do anything as long as I take it one step at a time.

I have amazing friends and they have spent years figuring out exactly who they are and in all fairness they’ll probably spend several more years trying to define what makes them unique. I’m just glad that to me they will always be those kids who managed to inspire me not to be scared of new challenges and overwhelming odds, kids who will be known as adults who changed the world, even if they only manage to change their own little corner of it.

Even if all they ended up changing was me, I still think that’s pretty amazing!

Thank you,



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