Just like my mother

In the last week 5 people have told me that I am a lot like my mother… I’m not going to dwell on whether this is a good thing or a bad thing but it made me wonder if that’s really how the world sees me?

Am I just an extension of my parents and my family or the school I graduated from or town I grew up in? Do people really see only the parts they wish to see or do the majority of people I meet look at me as a whole new person without caring about all the little things that attributed to my being? I guess what I’m asking is: is there more to me than my circumstances?

I know everything I have ever seen or felt has resulted in me being who I am today but if you take any of those things away, will I still be me or will I be disregarded by the people who like me right now? Say for instance I found out today that my mother actually adopted me. Then that gene pool so many people have said I resemble would no longer be a part of me… would they stop saying that I look like my mother or has time allowed the gene pool to integrate so much further into my being that even without it, it’s still a defining part of me?

I think the most annoying part about people saying you resemble someone else is that you start to wonder how well they really know the person they are comparing you to or even you for that matter… They don’t see my mother behind closed doors or when she’s having an off day or knows which dreams terrify me so much that I will never repeat them. If they don’t really know me or my mother then why do they compare us? Because they see something they recognise even though they can’t put their figure on it or simply because they believe it to be part of some backwards evolution?

We all strive to be better than our parents and they strive to give us all the opportunities they never had, right? So then we are obligated to be compared, sort of a return on investment kind of deal… Shouldn’t we be more interested in being our own brilliant person? Instead of seeing someone else for their circumstances or lineage, shouldn’t we just see them for who they are in that moment, knowing that tomorrow they might change completely?

Have we managed to create a society that inspires you to be limited by all the things you come into contact with and reduced to an ROI of pros and cons? Is that it? Are we just data being analyzed by the people we meet instead of actually interacting with the people we meet?

Maybe I’m just being silly but I don’t want to be just a number that follows behind my mother… I want to be me with all my faults and triumphs.

Just my opinion,



What is your view?

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