High School Ends

I think it has something to do with the time of year or maybe I’m just getting to that age but I’ve spent a lot of the last week speaking to good friends I made in High School but rarely keep in touch with.

I’m tempted to believe that our final year was not like anyone else’s, like somehow we were different and special. This is probably false but to me and my friends this is the reality we choose to believe. While we were living it, of course we didn’t think about it much and figured everyone did what we did. It was only months after our final exams that I sat down to have a conversation – quite by accident- with someone I hadn’t spent much time with during our school years, even though we were in the same school for 11 years.

This conversation caught me off guard, I figured we’d just talk about our future plans and things we’re still trying to figure out but somehow she changed the conversation into a reminiscing session. Except she was remembering things I never knew. She told me how kids, some a few years younger than me, had pictures in their dorm rooms of me and were throwing darts at them- one of them use to be my friend when we were about 8. She continued to tell me that there was about 18 people in a club dedicated to hating me and a few of my friends and what made it worse was that these members were all our age, I sort of figured they’d have more important things to focus on than hate like maybe their futures!

The fact that I didn’t know about any of this when we were still in school shows you how bad they were at hating me… It’s also very convenient that I never knew their crazy glazed looks were those of loathing but sometimes I wish I would have known so that I could have called them on it. See, I have no problem with them hating me or calling me names, however I would have hoped that the people who shared all the opportunities I had and got the same great education I did, would at least have the decency to dislike someone they actually knew. Half these people I barely saw once in a semester and they weren’t in classes with me or any of my friends so somewhere between us not talking and not running into each other they formed a opinion of me in my absence…

That same conversation brought up the other side of the coin and how teachers would use me as an example to the juniors and even in some senior classes and how there was a fan club thing who use to meet every week and discuss silly things about me, including what I was wearing. Now, if you know me at all, you will know that fashion is not my forte and I basically put on whatever is on top in my closet- some days I end up looking like I really like the colour blue! I recalled a few people during my high school career coming up to me and going: “Look at what I’m wearing! You were the same things in orange last week!” And I also recall being surprised and pretty freaked out by the fact that someone else remembered what I wore last week when I don’t even remember! I guess it’s pretty cool to have people look up to you and if I managed to inspire anyone to be a better version of themselves along the line, then yippy!

I think it’s just the fact that I only discovered this afterwards and even some of my friends knew about it before I did, they just figured I already knew so they never bothered discussing it with me. I have to admit that my 5 closest friends and I were well, total geeks! We only needed 6 subjects to graduate and all of us had more and we had it on Higher Grade. Our transcripts look 3 times more pages than most people’s because we never really said no to new challenges. Then there’s the fact that we actually had keys to the school: as in our own sets of keys to get us into buildings while no one else was around… Total geeks!

It was a blast and I loved every second of it but thinking back I can’t help but wonder if by doing so much, we took opportunities from others? Combined with my 5 friends we had control of 3 charity organizations; the school news paper; school year book; school archives; drama club; debating club; cheerleading; social tennis club and we had our fingers in everything remotely academic. Nothing happened that in our school without one of us being part of it, even ditch days failed if we weren’t involved. I’m not trying to say that we ruled the school or anything cheesy from an 80’s movie, I’m just wondering if by seizing every opportunity we cost someone else the opportunity to find their true potential.

It’s been years since any of us actually went back to school but our paths keep crossing and probably always will. I never found the haters anything other than amusing and I think somehow knowing people looked up to me inspired me but I just hope that these kids who spent so much of their energy profiling me, managed to become adults who have been able to find themselves…

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