@MrKennethTong’s Retraction

The conspiracy theorist in me wants to believe that Mr Kenneth Tong’s retraction of all his obscenities is just his way of back paddling.

For those of you not exactly in the loop, this guy basically enraged half the world by stating that thinner is always better. He also went way overboard by stating that there’s such a thing as ‘managed anorexia’ which is where he picked up most of his haters. This debate about body image and eating disorders have been going on for about a week now and last night @MrKennethTong proclaimed via Twitter that it was all a hoax. That he only did it to prove a point. Basically he endangered hundreds of lives and billions of minds to win a bet.

If you think I’m giving this guy way too much credit, then maybe you haven’t been paying attention to social media! This man, whoever he may be, proved that you can go from nothing to world famous using less than 140 characters. Another example of social marketing gone wrong is this Australian company who decided to use a tragedy like floods to gain popularity and well, needless to say instead of people liking it, they were looking for the ‘just donate asshole!’ button. If anyone in the 21st century still doubts the importance of social networking, you’ll probably catch up next week when all of this news makes it to your TV screen…

To get back to the dipshit who managed to bring up insecurities in SO many people simply by typing a few letters on a keyboard, while hiding away behind his computer screen: I’ve been wondering why we as a population got so upset? The majority of the world believes that inner beauty is what really matters. So if we believe that we should not judge each other and that no one should be allowed to judge us then all that remains is, well… us. Did we get so upset simply because we walk around judging ourselves all day? Did this guy accidently manage to stumble upon something we all thought wasn’t a problem anymore? Honestly I cannot explain why we all got on our high horse, advocating self love and looking deeper than appearances, unless we did it to convince ourselves. Why else would everyone on my twitter feed have thrown in their two sense?

I actually think Twitter was the best place for this debate to start. Firstly because of the shear amount of human traffic: you can’t deny that news spreads quicker and feedback is instant. Secondly and slightly more importantly: how many of you actually know what the people on your feed look like? I can honestly say that out of the 90 people I follow, I only know what a handful of them actually look like. So, on a site like Twitter, the temptation of judging a book by its superficial cover is completely removed. With social media it is your opinions and thoughts that create the appearance not your age or body size. Did we accidently manage to create the start of an utopian-like world by getting so into social networking? Maybe, maybe we still have a long way to go. Maybe these outrageous comments have sparked a trend to ensure that people never stop standing up for their beliefs or at least remain willing to fight for their opinions.

In the end it doesn’t really matter what Mr Kenneth Tong really believes because he’ll still be spending this week and a great deal of his life talking to the media about eating-disorders. No matter what his intention was, he got people to think and that’s never a bad thing…

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