One Country

So for those of you keeping up with my life and the people in it, I thought you’d like to know that JS’s parents got their farm back! The two main reasons for this are that the Land Grabbers are idiots and the War Vet’s are most certainly not!

Basically the War Veterans are smart enough to know that they need people who can farm the land in order to produce food otherwise they might all starve… They loved JS’s grandfather and his family because they looked after the people who worked on their farm, always! The family also worked just as hard as the people they employ and they won’t expect anything from them that they aren’t willing to sacrifice themselves. So basically the War Vets appreciated this family’s effort and the blood and sweat that went into it. So when these Land Grabbers walked in and decided to take [without consulting the War Veterans] well, let’s just say they were not exactly happy!

After several meetings and protests in Harare at the Land Office and with the War Vets Association, those Land Grabbers were brought to the forefront. Besides the fact that this guy already took 3 other farms and ran them straight into the ground; he doesn’t qualify for land redistribution… he just has some friends in high places who really didn’t like the close relationship this family has with their employees and other War Vets. The Land Office had no choice but to revoke the ruling and give the farm back to the family. The Land Grabbers will also be brought up on charges but their main concern at the moment is derived by the looks they are receiving from the War Vets.

You see, these War Veterans fought for their country and risked their lives. They spent their younger years in training so never had the opportunity to build a business or get land, so the government rightfully wants to give them land. Unfortunately this comes at the price of the farmers who spent their youth working the land or ironically fighting in the same war… just not on the same side. As much as these War Veterans would like a piece of land to call their own and to give to their children one day, they are smart enough to know that they don’t all posses the skills to run a farm. They are perfectly content with working on a farm where they are taken care of and can help produce much needed food for their country.

That is exactly why these Land Grabbers annoy them so much! These Land Grabbers don’t deserve anything! Most of them are too young to have even been in the war! And now they just want to take for the sake of taking. They don’t want anyone to have anything- over looking how hard these people worked to get it in the first place. And to make it worse, when they get the land handed to them on a silver platter, they just let nature take its course and nature can be vicious! They don’t know how to plan and they have no idea what they’re doing and what’s worse is they don’t care… They just don’t care that people are starving! People they went to school with; people they sit in church with! They just want the status and to hell with the rest.

The problem is knowing the difference between Land Grabbers and War Veterans… This is the part that most news networks never pick up on, because they’re not here… they don’t know the people here and they don’t understand the country… Truth is I barely do and I grew up seeing it from a distance and hearing about it over dinner my whole life. I appreciate what the War Veterans Association has done and I’m glad the Land Grabbers won’t just get away with it.

I think it is really important to realize that this isn’t a one sided story. The War Veterans had a tough life; the farmers did what they thought was right their entire lives and now these Land Grabbers just want to walk in and rip off both parties. People in this country are not blind! They don’t miss a thing; they can see what is good for the future of the country, even when the government can’t. They are realizing that fighting among each other is only giving the government more power over them. Since the government officials [corrupt ones of course] are the ones enabling the Land Grabbers, it is becoming increasingly clear to the War Veterans and the farmers that they need to be on the same side: the side of the country! The very thing they went to war for in the first place…

It’s not easy to stand up and say that you now choose to be on the same side as the people you once fought during a war… but it is even harder to see opportunistic bastards destroy your country. The balance in Zimbabwe is switching and new alliances are being formed and the old stereo types are losing its value. Slowly hope is returning to people who have had to endure far more than most of us will ever be able to comprehend.

These people aren’t fighting against anything, for the first time in a really long time, they are fighting for something: their country! This makes me smile.

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