Citizen of the world

So at this very moment the people of Libya are fighting for their freedom and essentially their lives. A couple countries away, my little baby cousin is about to enter this world of ours…

My entire family and everyone I come in contact with are sharing my excitement because this new little life is about to see… well everything for the first time. She’ll be looking at everything with excitement and without judgement in her eyes. She will be completely defenceless and expect only the best out of everything.

In a weird way this is exactly the mentality of the people in Libya and several other countries: we expect things to be better. Instead of just waiting for a hero like in the legends we use to read as bedtime stories, we’ve decided that there is power in numbers and every country heavily out numbers their president and his few handlers.

I’ve been writing a diary to my little cousin and I’m sharing random thoughts and memories and basically just things happening in our world. Why? Because she’s part of our world now. This world is as much hers as it is mine. She should have the same rights I do. She should have all the opportunities I have. So when I tell an unborn baby about the politics in Africa it is not because I don’t have anything else to say to her or because I want to impress her or even confuse her. I just want to show her that it’s not something reserved for the elderly. Politics is not something you have to earn the right to get involved in. Since your first breath you are a citizen of this world and you deserve the right to grow up. Eventually your generation will rule this world of ours and there’s a lot of fixing to be done, so if you start early then you might just be able to do it.

We need to go back to being little kids who tried to change the things we disliked in our world, instead of these people who have become content with waiting for the world to change. I’m not expecting my little cousin to save the world but she doesn’t have to know that. She can be anything and she can do anything and as a matter of fact, so can you!

Starting small by simply just smiling at your neighbour and saying ‘hello’ without getting caught up in what he’s driving or what you’re wearing, just seeing people for who they really are. If you have something worth fighting for like freedom or peace then get out there and start kicking some ass! Don’t wait for Joan of Arc or Hercules or Superman to come to the rescue. You have the power but you have to actually do something!

If you’re sitting in a country outside of Africa wondering why there is such an uproar about our presidents, well that’s because they’re not good at their jobs! We should get Donald Trump to have The Apprentice’s next season in Africa and put all the presidents in the show just so he can say: “you’re fired” to the weak-links. And also, you will be wise to remember that none of us are truly free until we are all free.



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