More than you need to know about me

So while I was away on a little African Safari, twitter was all caught up in #100factsaboutme. Besides the fact that I hate missing out on things [one of the reasons I am not a fan of sleeping] my friend Chrisselle has honestly and with intense vulnerability written down 100 facts about herself, so I figured, I ought to step up and do the same…

Part of me wants to just copy and paste Chrisselle’s list because, excluding 11 facts, we’re pretty much on the same wave length. But I will attempt to find a hundred original facts about myself. Good luck reading this!

  1. I’m an only child
  2. I have brother issues
  3. I’ve always loved being short
  4. My family is my biggest strength and my greatest weakness
  5. My happiest moments involve playing on the grass
  6. Tequila and Vodka are my friends
  7. I don’t like drinking but I can out drink most people and this is mainly due to being part of the hotel industry and partially because as a South African I never backed down from a challenge
  8. I have skeletons in my closet that no one will ever even look for
  9. Yellow is my favourite colour because to me it represents gold and winning
  10. I’m a typical Gemini and wouldn’t have it any other way
  11. I am weary of Virgos, simply because I tend to trust them most and they tend to hurt me most
  12. Since I was 12 I wanted to be a movie director
  13. Reached that particular goal when I was 18
  14. Changed that dream when I turned 19
  15. I never saw getting a drivers licence as ‘freedom’
  16. And that’s probably due to the fact that I never thought I’d reach my 19th birthday, so found it sort of pointless to believe in ‘freedom’ I could only attain when I’m 18
  17. I’m a twitter addict! And I wouldn’t have it any other way
  18. I don’t actually know what my follower counts are but I can tell you what intrigues me about every single person I do follow
  19. I love talking and that is one of the reasons I started my blog, because writing is just another form of expression
  20. I use to drive my photography teacher crazy with my intense interpretations of every image
  21. But that was also the reason I was head-hunted before I graduated high school
  22. I can’t believe how pompous this list is making me sound
  23. Anyone who really knows me, knows I don’t get offended easily but once you manage to offend me, it’ll be tough for you to make it back into my good graces
  24. I’m instinctively protective so be warned that if you target my friends you are guaranteed an enemy in me
  25. I don’t believe in buying love and if you try to buy mine, I’m instantly annoyed
  26. Needles to say I’m not that great at receiving gifts because I question the thought behind them
  27. I guess the same goes for accepting compliments or maybe I’m still just having trouble believing that I deserve all the amazing things going for me
  28. I’m still mad at my mother for a lie she told in 2007 even though I completely understand why she lied
  29. My dad and his brother has far more in common than anyone realizes and I’m the only person to have had the privilege of seeing all the sides there is to them
  30. I dislike feeling vulnerable which is why so many of the things on this list is very superficial
  31. There is nothing more amazing than falling asleep in the arms of someone who loves you
  32. I have an incredibly high threshold for pain but a ridiculously low tolerance for it
  33. Out of my entire body, my favourite thing is my tongue
  34. My least favourite is my hair because I cannot control it but this in return makes me love it too
  35. When I was still living with my mother we use to fight constantly and eventually [after trying every self help tactic with utter failure] I started a mental diary of our fights and came to the conclusion that every fight involved my hair. Either I was doing or washing my hair at the time or we were talking about it or simply just thinking about it.
  36. Telling my mother about this strange conclusion resulted in my hair becoming an off limit topic and magically it really decreased our squabbling
  37. There are only 3 people on this planet who can call me ‘sweetie’ without me responding in a hostile manner… I don’t know why
  38. I despised being called a baby. My mother did it once [granted I was still a baby and only about 13months old] but 20seconds later I through my bottle of mild against the wall and completely shattered it. I haven’t drank milk at night since and my mother hasn’t called me a baby since
  39. I’m running out of things because Chrisselle already wrote 89 of them…
  40. I’ve already had 2 cups of coffee while trying to write this
  41. My three favourite animals are Cheetah’s, Polar-bears and Zebra’s [also the reason I write them with capital letters]
  42. It feels like I’ve written way more than 42 facts about myself
  43. At this moment in time I have 34 unread messages in my inbox on Facebook
  44. My favourite day of the week is Monday, mainly because it buys me time to get everything done before the end of the week
  45. Needles to say, Friday is the most annoying day to me because it just reminds me of how many things I did not make time to do and Sundays were just a nuisance because I was so close to Monday but still stuck on a very unproductive day.
  46. I quit playing netball when I was 12 and told my head master I would only play again if they fired our coach who were swearing at my friends and made than feel less than worthy. They only did it 2 years later. My friends and I swapped to hockey and were much happier.
  47. I’ve never smoked or used any drugs besides doctors prescriptions
  48. I’m actually suppose to take pills for nausea but since I don’t like the loss of control that comes with being on medication my entire life, I’m refusing too
  49. I use to faint at least once a week, now I’m slightly better at pre-empting the strike
  50. The first time I drank coffee was at an outdoors camp when I was 10 and I only took 3 sips
  51. The longest I have been awake continuously without sleep was 86hours
  52. Hour 36 always seems to be the one in which I’m most tired but everyone around me thinks I’m most alert. Go figure.
  53. My biggest pet peeve is when someone leaves the dish towel in the sink
  54. My OCD nature is over ruled by the calming effects of the oceans waves and my grandmothers soothing voice
  55. This fixation is also the reason I appreciate the universal remote!
  56. I couldn’t live without cheese or chocolate no matter how bad it is suppose to be for me
  57. I thrive on stress and find an odd strength in being overwhelmed
  58. I am also the best person to have by your side in a chaotic situation
  59. On the other side of the coin, I am not the person you would ask advice such as: which hair scrunchy goes with these shoes.
  60. I slaughtered my first chicken when I was 4years old
  61. When I had my tonsils removed the only thing I ate [mostly because my mother let me] was salt and vinegar crisps and Vienna sausages
  62. One Christmas my mother forbid my dad to buy me yet another remote control car, so he bought me a Barbie car
  63. Despite the fact that I am 100% tomboy, I was also the president of the Barbie club when I was 5-7
  64. I belonged to more clubs in my lifetime than I can count
  65. I’ll try everything once… I was even a cheerleader for 3 days… then I came to my senses
  66. I wrote a Java programme that shuffled cards when I was 17, might not sound like much but if you understand null-pointer exceptions you’ll appreciate my frustration
  67. To me the coolest thing about London Underground is its potential to fake your own death
  68. If something happened to my laptop, I really really would cry!
  69. There are only a hand full of people I would allow to operate or even touch my cameras
  70. I had a 10 year feud with a women 15 years older than me because I felt that she stole my uncle by marrying him
  71. Many years, lots of conversations, several snakes and three cousins later, she is on my list of 5 women I couldn’t live without
  72. I’ve always loved Haley Joel Osment and despite working with Spielberg twice before his 10th birthday, my favourite of his films are still Pay It Forward and its amazing message.
  73. When we played Power Rangers I always fought the boys to be red ranger. [original power rangers, not the new stuff]
  74. My favourite glass in our house was made out of plastic and had palm trees on and we got them at an aviation show when I was about 4… a lot happened that year but standing there with my dad and seeing how proud he was of his country and air force made me love him even more
  75. I attribute a lot of my values to movies I watched when I was younger
  76. I still live my life by 4 rules I made on the playground before I could even write my own name
  77. On my mother’s side of the family, we are 14 grandchildren [oldest already has 2 kids and the youngest was born less than a month ago] and on my dad’s side, I am the only grandchild
  78. I absolutely hate cancer and since 3 different types run in my family I am at incredibly high risk
  79. I am not afraid of dying but I am afraid of not finishing
  80. If I sleep more than 4 hours, I get incredible headaches and my eyes burn like I’ve been playing computer games all night
  81. I do believe in premonitions [or whatever you want to call them]. Mainly because dá jè vú is not a big enough word
  82. I have literally watched Mulan more than 146 times… in one summer!
  83. I have squatted in an abandoned building with other artists, mainly because of the intriguing image James Cameron and Jessica Alba created in Dark Angel
  84. I also made out with a French lesbian at a 60’s style Country Night…. Long story that I still have trouble not laughing about
  85. I have lied to protect someone I love very much and even though I will not take back the lie, I hate that it makes me a hypocrite
  86. 86.   My favourite quote is: Imagination is worth more than knowledge for imagination is what you do with knowledge
  87. 87.   I whole heartedly believe that it is still possible for us to achieve world peace… it’s just going to take a lot of work but I’m up for it!
  88. 88.   I’m not sure I believe in love at first sight however I have loved the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with since I met him
  89. 89.   I’m not one of those people who love loads of music artists; I simply just love music as a whole. However, Alecia Beth Moore [aka P!nk] is one artist I truly admire as a person as a whole and will proudly call myself an Underdog for
  90. 90.   Really excited that I finally made it to the last leg of this list
  91. 91.   I once called my manager/ friend at work on a Saturday morning; hung up just as she answered; called again and in all my slobbery crying glory asked her for advice on dealing with my mother and her boyfriend. Her response: say what you have to then say you have got to go and just hang up. As simple as it sounds, that answer really did save my life
  92. 92.   When my grandmother was first diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, I chased all of my aunts out of the house for fighting. To the extent where they were sitting on the lawn across the street, not even daring to enter my grandparents’ yard. I am still pretty chuffed about this
  93. 93.   I know things about my friends that they will only discover themselves in a few years
  94. 94.   I always wanted to live in a castle with secret passages, mainly so I can rollerblade indoors
  95. 95.   I have never bought clothes I could not climb a tree in
  96. 96.   If my pillow falls off the bed, I will be awake before it hits the floor… I’m normal that way
  97. 97.   Even though my friends are awesome, I still occasionally have trouble remembering that I can trust them
  98. 98.   I’m out spoken and I have no problem backing up every word that comes out of my mouth and as a consequence I get pretty annoyed when someone walks away from a fight
  99. 99.   I love building things and pretending to be an engineer with my brilliant grandfather

And last but certainly not least:

  1. 100.                        I love my life!


So, now you know a few more things about me… probably more than you wanted to. But it would be even better if you took the time to ask me directly about these or any other things you may have heard about me. You can always get me on twitter at @am_mf or recently on @dontloseurgrip [the amazing charity event @iwrestledahammy created to change the world].

As long as it took me to write this incredibly boring post, I can’t help but laugh at the fact that you actually had to read it.

Thank you,



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