Messed Up

Hi, I’m messed up. In my opinion we all are.

The whole world is upside down and instead of supporting each other, we are breaking each other down; we are judging everyone around us and not settling until they have lost all belief in themselves and their faith in humanity… Sounds like a killer plan! Literally!

With attitudes like these it’s no wonder suicide cases have gone through the roof; depression has become part of everyday life and if someone actually still has the courage to believe in themselves, we call them arrogant. Our system of self loathing is designed so that we are all doomed to fail! But every once in a while someone stands up and overturns the applecart.

Someone whom, without meaning too, ends up changing the world. I find myself in this exact overpass; this moment when change is taking me by the hand and asking me to join in, this change goes by the name Chrisselle. This amazing 19 year old is the heart behind the Don’t Lose Your Grip project. If you haven’t heard about it yet, you really need to check it out! In short a friend of ours, Lacey Crawford died by suicide and we were shook by her death but at the same time we realized that there were many more like her on the edge of losing their grip on life…

Chrisselle didn’t want her death to be in vain and neither do I. So this project is for all those people who have been told by the world that they are not worthy; who’ve been forced to believe that ‘normal’ is wrapped up in the number of your  waistline and that you’ll never be beautiful enough to be loved. So this project is just a way for Chrisselle to fix the world one conversation at a time.

My biggest hope is that this will allow people to talk about things that really matter again, not just the silly superficial stuff. Let’s put focus back on human connection and caring about each other instead of looking for ways to tear each other down. It couldn’t be simpler: just be nice! Look at all the feelings inside and see the true potential. Be the difference; help save a soul…

Sharing my view,



What is your view?

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