I’m a very open-minded person and I’m also an extremely opinionated person.

Everything I say, I can back up with stacks of facts and personal examples but I will always listen to your side of any argument because that is how information is shared and discussions are raised. Then you get people who are the exact opposite: they believe that the sun shines out their butt and everything they say is law! They even get really upset if you even think about disagreeing with what they say, yet they refuse to listen to reason at all. The last 4 days I was on a houseboat with one such person.

In all honesty it scares me to think that there are still people who are afraid of things they don’t understand… They are so terrified of maybe potentially being wrong that they’d rather stay in ignorance than have a civil conversation and discuss ideas. If we aren’t even willing to talk about everyday stuff or astrology openly how can we expect to tackle the bigger issues like mental health and eating disorders? How can we fight this constant need for approval from others or alienation and judgement when I have so much trouble just being honest with ourselves?

Don’t get me wrong: I get extremely defensive when I know that I’m wrong which is why ‘sorry’ is such a hard word for me to use but I’m always willing to listen and allow you to explain your view first, before I start breaking it down with the facts I already have in my head. Half the time you will even have me arguing your side just to ensure that by the end of the conversation we both make the most informed decision we can.

If you ever dislike my opinion about something, don’t be afraid to tell me! If however you are not willing to have your mind changed by my logic, you should tell me that too, so that I can state my opinion and just leave it at that. But I really would prefer that you believe in your opinion enough to stand by it and fight me for it. I’ll never walk away from the discussion, even if we have to pause it for  days or months and then continue, I’m ok with that… I’d rather discuss something openly than tip-toe around it resulting in underlined animosity. I won’t ever get mad at you for disagreeing with me. Don’t worry about offending me: the only thing that offends me is being called a baby or not respecting my opinion enough to share yours with me.

The value of a good discussion and the bonds created over it must not be underestimated. There is no point in having knowledge or experience if you are not willing to share those through your opinions.

As always sharing my view,



What is your view?

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