Uncle Bob & the Easter Bunny

So dear Uncle Bob is sick again… or rather: still.


What’s different this time? He’s set to hand over power to Mnangagwa. Well excuse me but do seriously still believe the elution that Mugabe is still in control? He hasn’t been in control in years… He has just been the escape goat!


I’m not saying anything new, actually I’m repeating myself… Look, he use to be a powerful leader who turned into a slightly scary power hungry leader but 5 years ago he turned into the poor sap you feel sorry for so can’t bear to boot him out. He’s been president for the last couple of years because his life literally depends on it. He hasn’t been calling the shots in a long time! He has a lot of other powerful people pulling his strings…


The scary part is that as soon as he eventually hands over power (which sadly I don’t think will happen any time soon) our guards will be down and the next eager-to-prove-they-are-in-control politician will swoop in and crush our newly built hope. I know this seems very pessimistic of me – and I’m not generally like that – but to be honest I’m scared. The evil we know and are aware off; who doesn’t need to prove anything and therefore won’t try to do something unpredictable or crazy; the old sap you sort of feel sorry for is a lot better than the current power houses that have been lurking in the shadows like hyenas just waiting to pounce on the lion king… I use to hate Mugabe, ask my 8th grade teachers they had to endure several speeches and poems involving this particular volt of anger. But he’s just the guy who managed to outlive all of his opponents and hopefully he’ll understand remorse someday… well, I said hopefully!


Since Uncle Bob is already back in the country and people are putting away their celebration decorations, maybe we can all get back to focusing on Independence Day next Wednesday. We celebrate independence from a first world country even though it has caused us more harm than good because we don’t want to diminish the lives of those lost in the war. But are we independent enough to stand up and make Zim the country we always believed it could be? Are we independent enough to support each other and not allow an 82 year old to ruin our day or our spirits? Are we independent enough to actually be nice and not get excited when someone is on their deathbed?


Well, maybe we’re not quite mature enough for independence…


What is your view?

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