Small Town

12 days ago my boyfriend’s father was shot and killed in Ghana on a routine drive to the farm next door for a meeting. They were ambused and out of the 5 people in the vehicle the only one who died was Andre. He was shot in the back and died almost instantly.

When I got the news it was about 20 minutes after his family had heard. 20 minutes after that everyone in town started calling and asking questions and just seem to know about it so quickly. I was pretty annoyed with tsmall town life and the culture of gossip. I was also quite emotional over the actual event which hightened my frustration and lead to me saying out load in a very sarcastic tone: “You have to love small towns”.

The very next day people were calling and asking what they can do to help and offering up so much to help this family and support them during their hour of need. As I hung up the phone I said: “You have to love small towns” in a very sincere tone to which my friend pointed out that I had the exact opposite feeling the day before…

Ashley Brilliant once said: “My opinion may have changed but not the fact that I am right.” It may seem obnoxious and a little cocky on my part but both tones I used with the sentence above were completely valid at the time I said it and I reserve the right to say it in the same way again in the future. However, right now I’m willing to accept that everything has it’s silver lining. Yes gossip sucks but the support that came from it is overwhelming!

I want to thank every single one of you in Kadoma who have been supporting them and me. Thanks for being here and please continue to show your support for Andre’s family



What is your view?

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