It Gets Better

The last couple of posts have not exactly been uplifing but I feel better today. I’m not going to pretend that I won’t feel worse again tomorrow or that the dark thoughts are completely out of my mind but you guys have put up with my thoughts just as much as I have so it’s only fair that I share this moment of hope with you too.

Nothing is really different today but then again, it never really works like that does it? It’s not the big changes that affect my mood, it’s the little things that most people have the fortune of over looking that gets to me. Today I woke up early and loved watching the sun rise (from the warmth and comfort of my bed) and when Heidi (the little jackrussel) cuddled up to me I spent another hour just laying in bed enjoying the moment. Of course it helped knowing that I didn’t have to get up for work or anything else for that matter. Had a nice cup of coffee and morning catch up with my house mate before he went off to go win his golfing title. Spent the rest of the day washing dishes and listening to P!nk… 2 of my favourite things! Yeah I know washing up doesn’t usually make it onto anyone’s fav list but it is very theraputic…

Listening to AB Moore always brings back amazing memories and reminds me that it always gets better….

As always, thanks for reading ❤


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