I’ve been wondering for the last few weeks why I still have this blog. When I started it 18months ago it was partially to help me deal with my new surroundings but mainly to share this new experience with others who might never have the opportunity to see what I see on a daily bases. Hence the name: Sharing My View.

And that’s exactly what I did… in the beginning. I shared deeply personal feelings and quite a few political experiences. But I seem to have become desensitized. I stopped reading the local news and it’s sort of an ‘out of sight out of mind’ thing. So that sucks. A small town has its own set of politics but as is the case with most small towns: it’s easier to trace everything back to the source and keeping a secret is never a long term plan.

As for sharing what’s in my heart, I just don’t know… I find it hard to care about the people around me because experience has taught me that when I spend the majority of my time focused on their issues, I’m usually ignoring my own. Which is very unhealthy. Besides, I know more people now and they know me so if I say something – even if I try to be anonymous – it’s not difficult to figure out who I’m talking about. So I do have to consider that my actions have consequences for those around me. But that’s part of life right?

Everything we do affects everyone else too, that’s what the whole butterfly concept is about after all. So as of right now I will stop being a scardy cat and start dealing with what’s real and inevitably sharing it with all of you who take the time out of your busy day to check out my excuse of a blog. I promised to share my experiences not for those who share it with me but for those who will never be in my shoes or have to make the choices that I have to. I vow to care, not just about world views and the lives of those around me but also to care about myself…

I haven’t done that in a while so the next few posts will be dodgy at best but I’m starting with some scary but honest decisions and as soon as I have informed those who will be affected, I will keep you posted… I can’t promise that it will be interesting, it might be average at best but it is still my life and my view and I believe we all have a responsibility to share it…


What is your view?

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