We all have these moments in life that define us. Usually it takes us years to realize that they took place and sometimes we regret it and other times we appreciate it. I think I had one of those this weekend…

I can’t really explain it, it was just a series of events that all felt like da je vu and even though there was a lot of confusion and even shock over my actions, I still felt quite proud of my decision. It may come back to haunt me in 20years but for the moment: I am happy with my choice.

All of us spend so much time trying to fit into our rolls or the characters that we have created for ourselves. Sometimes we get lost in the game of theatre that we refer to as living. And in this game, we tend to forget that we can write our own script; we forget that whatever we do has real consiquences but ultimately those consiquences do not compare with the lie of not living our lives fully because of our fear of being critigued…

So, this weekend I took a step – on and off the stage – that I MIGHT look back at and regret in 20 years but until that moment I’m proud of my choices. I did not do it to shock anyone, except maybe shock myself out of this fake version of myself that I have become. I simply did it because it felt right and it made sense at the time. I think I need to take more risks on a daily bases and stop pretending that I am not me… Or maybe just spend a little more time being honest with myself and building up the courage to share that honest part of me with the rest of the world.

As always: just sharing my view and thanking you for reading it


What is your view?

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