Jerry The Bully

I remember waking up early on a Saturday morning; turning on the TV and trying to figure out if I’m on the right channel; trying to determine the time by the height of the Sun because at the age of four it seemed simpler than trying to read a clock… all of this just so that I can watch 15min of Tom & Jerry.

Watching it with my mom we always discussed how Tom was the bully who didn’t know any better and my mom made sure to point out that when things got too tough for Jerry, he asked for help from his older Bulldog friend. I liked watching the little mouse outsmart the sheer brut of the big cat; it reminded me that size doesn’t determine your intelligence or success rate.

After watching it today I’m not as sure about this cartoons integrity as a moral builder. Jerry has become the bully. He is no longer just defending himself; he is actually attacking Tom now. Tom has the defence of his natural nature being to chase a mouse (in non cartoon terms: what he learns from his parents) and yes, we all have the natural instinct that Jerry has to defend ourselves but a mouse attacking a cat goes against nature… lovable little Jerry has become the bully. If there was a psychologist bird or something in the cartoon, this would be where they would point out that Jerry is transferring his frustration of years of being bullied back onto Tom and thus completing the circle of destruction.

Jerry seems to be taking pleasure in seeing Tom squirm. Personally, I just feel sorry for Tom and think that Jerry is a total jerk. I know it’s just a cartoon and you think that I’m reading way too much into this but as a kid cartoons were where I felt safe and the world made sense… So now, when              I think about my little baby cousin watching a smirky mouse attack an old cat that doesn’t know any better, upsets me… It’s not like Jerry has ever tried to sit down and talk to Tom about it…

Yeah, I know: it’s just a cartoon but I worry about my little cousin and just hope that I can explain to her to that bullying is not okay… and protect her from that pain and maybe even help her build the courage to believe in her values and stand up for those who can’t do it for themselves.

As always, just sharing my view. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. Feel free to comment or chat to me on Twitter


What is your view?

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