Acting Normal

I firmly believe that ‘normal’ is overrated but occasionally it is fun to just blend in and be like everyone else. On Friday I went to a killer party! Okay, actually it was just a regular dinner with 60 people and loads of alcohol… but still!

I have been throwing myself into work the last few months and only seem to go out once every 3 months. And that was really starting to get to me. When you have no life outside of work, it makes work seem less exciting. So when my colleagues talked/tricked me into going I was both excited and nervous and a up to the point that I hug my best friend hello, I was still bordering on running back home to hide behind my laptop on the sofa.

It’s amazing how much anxiety I still have around all of these people that I have known for the last 2 years. It’s even more amazing how much strength I gain from spending time with someone whom I know understands me. There was no pressure… just pool, dancing, good music and loads of fun. I only slept like 2hours before I had to get back to work. Even though Saturday was one of the most chaotic days at work that we’ve had in a really long time, it was actually easy to deal with because I went into it completely relaxed albeit a bit tired.

Even this morning I was still on a high from the excitement of Friday night. It’s rare for me to go out and overcome that huge hurdle of leaving the safety of my house and the comfort of my own company but I’m hoping that I can build on moments like these and hopefully change my attitude about going out. In the meantime, I’ll just laugh at the awesome and sometimes awkward pictures on FB.


What is your view?

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