Food Makes Fools Of Us All

This weekend we were at a birthday party. There was a lot of laughter and good company and of course food.

I’m not a fan of the judgement that comes from public eating but I applaud the social aspects and on occasion it is this social aspect that has helped me regain control over food. On this occasion, I have to admit that I actually stood up against social convention and to an extent the essence of my culture and ate what was appropriate for me. Which I’m actually rather proud of… However, one of the guests at the party did quite the opposite or actually the same… it’s a bit confusing.

She suffers from diabetes. Social convention says to limit your sugar intake. She did not. Not only did she ignore the general consensus and advice of several medical professionals around the table, she also fought back with ignorant comments like “It’s ok; I will just increase my insulin tomorrow”. By anyone’s standards, she over indulged in all things sugar related. How can we be intelligent beings in all other aspect of our lives and yet be so illogical when it comes to food?

My biggest problem is that she seemed really happy. She seemed to be enjoying herself. And what did we do? Nothing. We commented from our own perspective and pointed out the dangers but ultimately we respected her choice to risk her life for another bite. Do I believe that feeding sugar to someone with diabetes is reckless? Most definitely. Do I believe that over indulging is bad for you, no matter what the circumstance? Yes, I do. Do I believe that all of us have to take responsibility for our actions and that we are entitled to make these choices? Absolutely. Does this make me feel any less guilty for ‘letting it happen’? Not even close…

So, what is the point of this post? Well, I just wanted to point out (and remind myself) that food can make us act like fools. It is so easy to judge from a distance and know what is right and logical but when it comes down to taking that bite: logic leaves us. So we really need to stop judging each other based on these logic-resistant choices.


What is your view?

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