Sometimes you randomly look through the blogs of those who follow you and you stumble accross a gem… This is one of those!

katy avery

as a great majority of you know, music very often functions as my oxygen.

i write it, i sing it, i play it, i listen to it, i can’t get it out of my head. there’s just always a melody floating within the unreachable depths of my brain that i’m unable to write down, or a lyric that i can’t seem to perfect.

so now that we’ve established that the root of probably 72% of katy’s frustration issues stem from a musical basis (which i just thought you ought to be aware of, as an explanation i suppose, do you have any idea how terrible it is to not know how to express the melodic thoughts in your head?), i made something for you.


yesterday, my dear aspiring-producer of a friend over at Burbank Music Project, proposed the idea of recording a song extremely different than what i’m used…

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  1. katy Said:

    i’m honored, love. ❤

    • you are really talented ❤ And I'm really thankful for social media that allows me to connect to someone I would probably have missed out on meeting

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