Waitin’ on a sunny day

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The Littlest Hobo

“Here’s a little rock’n’roll lullaby,” he said before gently leading us into the most beautiful, heart- wrenching and glorious moment that I’ve ever had the pleasure to hear during my long and illustrious gig-going career.
I was hoping he’d play it. I really was. It’s my favorite song by him. Possibly my favourite song of all time. A brief play on the harmonica before singing three wonderful words:

“Screen door slams…”

Thunder Road.

Tens of thousands of people fell silent. We all knew this was special, this was a moment, this was the thing we’d all be talking about afterwards. I too, fell silent.

I also cried.

I don’t know why. Was it the enormity of seeing my idol playing my favourite song? I don’t know. Was it the emotion of the crowd, my fellow Boss fans somehow all channelling this fantastic snapshot of our lives upwards to the heavens…

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