I use to have a lot of opinions about the movies I watched. I would cretique everything from the font chosen for the opening credits through the editing and wardrobe all the way to the last song. I annoyed myself…. So, I figured I must also be annoying my friends and that is why I stopped rating movies out loud. Slowly I stopped thinking critically about movies all together. And I miss that. I’m tired of accepting every piece of time killer with a few good lines that gets trown my way, I’d rather be picky and know that when I watch a movie, it’s worth my time…

So this is where I’m attempting to find my critical nature towards the cenema and maybe I’ll stumble across a few good movies along the way. I have to warn you though that I live in Zimbabwe which means there is no chance of me reviewing any new movies – we have 3 cinemas in the entire country and all releases are almost old by the time they are shown here. However, there are so many movies out there and no one has seen all of them so it might not be a latest release but it could still be new to both of us.

Feel free to add your opinion or argue about mine: the aim here is to share our passion for movies and if that leads to a healthy debate, then that’s a bonus.


What is your view?

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