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Dogs are amazing creatures. They love you unconditionally and have this abundance of energy. Today being New Year’s Day and all, I’m a little tired so when my Jack Russell wanted to play an endless game of fetch or tug of war with my fingers, I wasn’t really interested. Instead of moping or continuing to nag me, she just found a way to amuse herself. And all is forgiven… Most of the time anyway – the other few occasions when she feels I’m not paying sufficient attention to her, she likes to inform me by dragging all the pillows of the house out into the garden. It’s actually quite amusing; she’s like a naughty little kid acting out but without the anger.

She runs around and seems so content with her world: just focused on eating, playing and sleeping. In only a few hours she has forgotten all about the terror of yesterday… I’ve always had calm dogs that were use to loud noises and trusted me completely so I could distract them with a snack or two during the holiday festivities. Heidi is different, she is completely dependent on me and last night she was terrified, despite my best efforts to shelter her from the fireworks. The other dogs were fine but she was so scared that she wiggled her way in between the couch cushion and my legs.

I eventually managed to calm her down by playing my favourite album (aka the music she is use to) and lying under a duvet playing with her rope. I’m all for celebrating and responsible fireworks but not in town! Away from residential areas where helpless animals are left defenceless, I can live with that. At least I was here… there are so many of our neighbours that are not home over the holidays and leave their dogs alone over night. What about those animals? Who were looking after them last night?

If you have pets, make sure that you take the time to see things from their perspective every once in a while.