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A good day after a long weekend

After a long weekend of family, friends, fun and way too much food it’s not that easy to get back into the swing of things….

Today is like a double Monday! Not only do you have a long weekend to recover from, your week is shorter so you have to double more in less time. So why am I stating the obvious? Well, as hard as this day was it wasn’t my worst. I have had so many bad days over the last few years… Days that were horrible and sucked without a real reason for my misery. So when I get to walk away from a double Monday without feeling completely defeated -don’t get me wrong, I still wish that I had gotten more done today but a part of me is proud of what I achieved.

Usually by now I would be completely warn out by my anxiety. Usually my Sunday’s are filled with anxious anticipation of the negative persuasion because of the week that is upon us but I managed to allude the pressure I am prone to place on myself. And this morning I woke up and took it one step at a time rather than trying to attack an entire week’s tasks in one day. It helped.

Small things like taking a minute to show my bosses kid how to get to the high score in the Shrek game on my phone or having lunch with my friends even though I was only seconds away from bailing on them because of work pressure or that extra 2min I spent talking to a customer about her family or actually going through my music to choose a song I like to start the day with instead of relying on the random button and spending the next 5min skipping a bunch of songs I wasn’t quite feeling…

Music has been an amazing pick me up throughout the years and today I’m just really grateful that I’ve been able to get inspiration when I could have easily convinced myself that today was a day of doom…

Today I had a good day



Work away from work


You press the snooze button. Maybe more than once… As you lay thee in your bed wishing you didn’t have to get up, the thought crosses you mind: if only I could work without actually going to work…

And no, I’m not talking about staying home and working. I’m talking a bout a work related road trip! Tomorrow I’m having one of those!

2hours of full brainstorming on our way to a lecture/ training course with like minded people where our opinions actually matter and everyone isn’t just rushing around in a zombie like state. Followed by a working lunch and probably some more brain storming or at least a few dozen phone calls and then into another business management training session! I know that this probably sounds ├╝ber boring but to me it is exactly what the doctor ordered!

A day away from the soul crushing workload that I have come to know as life and full of thought provoking intellectual conversations instead!

So I guess I better make sure I get a good night’s rest! I hope all of you can find something in this week that will inspire you to love your work again