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Be The Difference

I would like to introduce you to an amazing woman. It’s actually hard to believe that she’s still only 19. She’s just a kid but she’s already doing great things.

Maybe that’s the point: she’s still a kid. It seems like as soon as we cross over to our twenties we stop caring. I mean, obviously we care about our families and our jobs and stuff but it becomes very much centred on ourselves. We stop trying to change the world the way we wanted to when we were little kids. It’s like we lose that drive and start thinking small. Well Chrisselle isn’t there yet and considering the amazing team she and Hammy makes, I don’t think either of them will ever end up like most of us: forgetting about the fight for world peace.

Now before your mind starts dwelling, I’m not suggesting that they have found the answer to world peace but then again maybe they have… By doing everything they can to promote happiness. So let’s get back on track: this post is about one particular act of spreading happiness to those who need it most. Check out Chrisselle’s blog post about the charity concert she’s planning in aid of Suicide Help-lines “Don’t lose grip”.

So if you are anywhere in the UK, make sure you get involved! This is good and this is important. If you can do anything, anything at all to help someone else: just do it! I know I’m not doing a whole lot at the moment but I’m still that little kid who wants to change the world. I honestly don’t know one single person who is completely happy with everything in the world, so why have we stopped trying to change it? Why does it seem like we’re all waiting for someone else to do it for us?

Recently I moved to Zimbabwe and since I’ve been here I haven’t really done a whole lot to promote change but I haven’t given up yet. I’ve spent the last 9 years talking about change and how beautiful this country is, which is why I felt it was time for me to move here and do something to make sure my children will one day be able to experience its beauty. If Chrisselle can go big and focus on more than just her personal life, then what’s stopping the rest of us? I’ll tell you: nothing!

Ghandi said: Be the change you want to see in the world. So you, yes you reading my ramblings, get off your butt and be the difference! Don’t complain about this hectic world we’ve inherited, find a way to fix it! Don’t just sit back and watch as people you care about give up on life and themselves, get active! We have this amazing advantage over all things bad: numbers! There are more of us in this world who believe in peace and love and happiness than those who don’t, we just have a tendency to forget that. This is just one project out of hundreds that you could get involved in, why this one? Because this one is right at your doorstep, actually it’s just a click away! Why are you still reading my blog?! Go to already! I really won’t mind…. Go!

We have a shot at being the difference in someone’s life. If this event benefits just one single person by providing them with someone to talk to when they have lost all hope, then it’ll be so worth it! If you have any free time what so ever, why not get in contact with your local help lines and go be the difference. Start an after-school chat group and give someone else the opportunity to talk about their lives to someone outside of their life. Get involved; don’t let more people lose their grip on life. You have no idea how much a hug or smile or just a few kind words mean to someone who feels all alone in our messed up world.

Please be the difference! You know you want to…



Privilege of being human

I’ve been enjoying a quiet day watching movies and watching the rain and I love the symmetry. I love how the weather can match my inner emotions and that I can use the excuse of a sad movie to expose my mood.

I’m not exactly a master manipulator who never reveals my feelings; it’s just that I prefer to understand them before I share them… There are about 8 little things I could mention that would account for my dim mood but ultimately I can sum it up in one word: miss. I miss some of the people I’ve shared my life with. Some of them I won’t see again on this side of heaven and some I just won’t see again because our lives have taken separate roads.

As much as I despise this annoying cheerlessness, I also believe it is much needed. For a long time (3years to be exact) I was avoiding these feelings that made me seem less than perfect or rather to be completely honest: I was avoiding all feelings. I actually became one of those people who would listen to a really funny joke and instead of laughing at the punch line, I’d simply just say: “That’s funny”. Thankfully that irritated me enough to actively start doing something to rectify this crazy denial.

I didn’t want to deal with missing those people I cared about in my life, so I found it easier to just pretend they were never really part of my life. Almost to the point where I was starting to wonder if I was even still part of my life. Let me explain what I mean by that. I wouldn’t really care about anything. My only prerequisite for a cup of coffee was that it be warm… I didn’t care if there was sugar in it or if it was black or white or filter or in a large mug or tiny cup. I didn’t care what I looked like or what others said about me and to some extent I’m glad about that but the fact that I stopped caring about what I think of myself and how I see myself was a major concern.

So after I pushed away some of the most important people in my life with my lack of feelings, I realized that to show emotions is human. So if I didn’t show emotions, then I might not be human anymore. My main problem was to un-pause this biological emotion machine and get it back up and running. So I watched this marathon of sad movies and cried until I had no more tears and then I watched a few more and started writing down how I felt after I felt it, not instead of ~ which was what I had been doing for the last few years. And that was only a few months ago but I can honestly say that I can laugh again and I can get angry again and now if you make me a cup of coffee you’d better get a notepad for my instructions.

For me crying doesn’t always represent sadness, it is just a way for me to acknowledge that I have emotions about whatever. I think in this world where we live at lightning speed and deal with multiple situations simultaneously, it is good to just stop and admit that we are still human complete with emotions that mess with our minds. So today I took this lovely rainy weather as a sign that I should check in with my inner self and make sure I don’t deny myself the privilege of being human.

Emotions are just like any of the muscles we have in our body: we need to exercise them or we’ll end up forgetting how to use them. Or even more concerning is the possibility that we’ll forget the people who initially made us feel them.

Just sharing my view,



Christmas is around the corner… I’ve been all nostalgic today and thinking back on our family traditions.

We obviously did the digging out and dusting off of old tree ornaments; had our fair amount of fights with sparkling lights and hiding presents and the other usual stuff. But there was this tradition I almost managed to forget completely, well not exactly forget as I still do it without even thinking about it, I guess I just forgot that it was our tradition.

The first weekend of our summer holidays we’d always take about 20 or 30 kids from the orphanage camping and made up brilliant names for star compilations as we sang silly little Christmas carols. I use to love every second of it when I was little, mostly because I felt like – even just for a few days- I had brothers and sisters. For a few days out of the year other people got to experience the love my parents shared. Of course my parents had their share of fights and disagreements but somehow when they were putting other people first, every conflict they had perished in comparison…

We also spent a few days before Christmas going to old age homes with a few of our family friends. The parents would spend the whole time baking loads of pancakes, while we take time out of our lives to just sit down and talk to random strangers. It was always a bit sad knowing that most of these people will spend Christmas day alone. Some just don’t have any family left and others have lost contact for some reason or another. We’d sit there and listen to them tell stories of when they were our age or even break down in tears because it’s been years since someone cared enough to just listen to them. We had so much fun just spending time in someone else’s world.

That’s what I’ve been wondering in my nostalgic mood today: were we having fun because we were caring and enjoying the wonder of giving or was it just our way of paying penance? Obviously helping others is good no matter what the reason because the end result justifies the cause… I’m just remembering that in those few days, I didn’t have this over whelming feeling of guilt. I didn’t feel like I was taking my perfect life for granted. I could just be proud of the person I was becoming.

I’m not sure if we cared for the right reasons. It’s not like we didn’t intend to help or as if we planned to do it only for the justification. I just can’t help but wonder if having brothers for a weekend was my way of trying to make up for letting down my own… Maybe I enjoyed talking to random strangers so that I wouldn’t feel guilty about never taking time to get to know that kid in the back of my science class… Maybe I went out to help them so that for a while I could escape my own world and all my mistakes…

I’m all for caring and doing whatever I can to help, I’m just not entirely convinced that I’ve been doing it without any personal gain! Maybe that’s half the fun: getting more out of it than you could ever imagine…

Just my opinion,