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People for everything

We’re all taking a break from the political crap for a bit. Sort of allowing our emotions to catch up… It really isn’t always that hectic in Zimbabwe. There are some pretty amazing things too.

I’m not just referring to the Victoria Waterfall or Zambezi River, there are some spectacular people here who have made all their dreams come true. See, the lifestyle here is very different to that of most places- even South Africa.

Half the people my age have never even made their own bed because they have people who do that; people who pack their clothes back into the closet after hand washing them; people who make their coffee and even draws the curtains for them. To me it’s strange allowing someone else to do so much for me, like I have less of a purpose in the daily grind of things but to them it’s purely normal.

I think it is important to be able to do those basic things most people take for granted, because one day you might have to do them without help. I would find it pretty funny if a 35 year old can’t even make his own bed properly. I also believe that it has ties to responsibility and if you’re not responsible for cleaning anything, it makes you careless and inconsiderate towards those who are. Call me old fashioned but I like the concept of teaching your kids the value of chores and rewards of a job well done.

In this scary crazy hectic world we live in, children are growing up faster than we did and I can understand some parents wanting them to retain their ‘childhood’ free of responsibility but to some extend it is exactly those responsibilities that allow them to enjoy their childhood. Right? I know that I loved making my own bed and helping my mother fold the laundry and especially washing dishes with my cousins. Yeah, we had loads of fun too and did all the  ‘kids-stuff’ but we also started raising money for charities when we were 10 and holding fundraisers or simply just going for walks along the beach with some of the elderly folks who didn’t have any family around.

I think it’s a matter of work hard; play hard. The more things you learn to do at an early age, the easier it is for you to make time for more important things when you are older. Maybe learning prioritising can also be choked up to chores in your early years. I know for a fact that many of kids who grew up with everything being handed to them tend to struggle with the balance of work and friends and even alone time when they reach their twenties.

I’m not saying that your kids should be treated like your slaves but at least make them responsible for their own mess. It’s not impossible to learn these values at a later stage in life. Of course it is possible, it’s just harder. Shouldn’t we give our children the best abilities to survive this confusing-screwed up world?

Maybe it seems pointless to you but I see how different the attitudes are of kids who hardly had any responsibilities and I for one would like my children to be considerate adults even if it means they have to get up 10min earlier to make their own bed.

Just my opinion,