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Love Yourself

When was the last time you actually heard your name? I know that’s a weird question but bear with me…

People say my name every day but I think I’ve forgotten to hear it. See, when someone says your name: it’s an expression of how unique and awesome you are. But I guess we keep forgetting that, we tend to try so hard to blend in that we totally forget to be ourselves and stand out. So I’ve been having this relatively long conversation with my 18day old cousin about how special she is to me and how her name is more than just a word. This single word represents all the parts of you, every little bit that you haven’t even discovered yet. So who gives you the right not to feel proud every time it is used?

It’s sort of funny how we take these little things for granted, we as a society have gotten so use to diminishing ourselves or even taking it to the next level by making everyone else feel bad about themselves in order to make us feel better about ourselves too. Wouldn’t it be a lot simpler if we just focused on liking ourselves instead? Just go ahead and look at yourself in the mirror and say: “I like you! You are awesome and you deserve to have all of your dreams come true!” That simple…

And once you’ve mastered that little art, how about sharing it with everyone else by smiling at them. That is what a smile is about isn’t it? About showing how happy and confident you are and telling the person you’re smiling at that they are amazing and bring out that confidence. Next time someone smiles at you, remember that they’re sharing their awesomeness with you and that by smiling back, you’re acknowledging theirs.

We can make being nice to each other really complicated so that we’ll have an excuse for failing but ultimately it really does come down to this: you are awesome and someone using your name is proof of that! Simply smiling at someone is like giving them a million compliments!

Shortest post ever,



I belong

Ever had one of those days where you wake up and just feel so uncomfortable in your own skin? Well I’ve had a lot of those days in my 23 years but lately I haven’t even had those thoughts during the times I was sad or gloomy.

I truly belong here. I am exactly where I need to be and where I want to be and I am happy. That may sound like a cliché of a half baked thought but when was the last time you could actually say that? When was the last time, you felt so comfortable and confident in your beliefs that the rest of the world just seemed to make sense? You know that one moment when everything bad that has ever happened to you, fades in comparison to your current happiness…

But as I sit here in my happy little bubble, I can’t help but see the people around me who are still struggling to realize they are amazing and they are worthy of everything good! Even my little baby cousin has to grow up in this world that is designed to tear us apart and make us doubt who we are. I’m not going to pretend that I believe this happiness is going to last forever or that I will never feel down but see: I have hope. I hope that it will last. I hope that if it doesn’t I’ll still remember this feeling and know that I got here once and I can do it again… So you, wherever in this messed up world of ours you find yourself right now: you deserve to be happy! You are worthy of this amazing feeling that I want to share with you.

Believe me when I say that every pain we go through and every overwhelming moment that seems like it’ll destroy us leads to happiness, you just have to look up once in a while and focus on the beauty rather than all of the darkness. “You can’t have a light without a dark to stick it in” ~ Arlo Guthrie. It really is quite profound: if you don’t have those terrible and depressing moments, you won’t be able to appreciate the happy moments when they come along.

The greatest thing about living is that we get to experience such a vast variety of emotions and thoughts and random moments, no matter how challenging the day gets it is precisely those moments that make us human and show us our true strength. So I want to extend a huge virtual hug to every single one of you! It does get better! Life is worth living! And happiness is worth fighting for!


 By now most of you know I’m involved with Chrisselle’s project Don’t Lose Your Grip and I strongly urge all of you to get involved to.