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Don’t Lose Your Grip Zimbabwe

Don’t Lose Your Grip has been around for the last 2 years. For Chrisselle and myself, it was a way of honouring our friends memory and coping with her suicide. Along the way we made some amazing friends and helped a few people open up about their mental health. This has been great but in 2013 we decided that we needed to take it to the next level.

On the UK front Chrisselle has been raising money for local charities with her Cupcake & Tea events in Livingston. This has also been a great place for people to find support in their local community while being able to open up about the mental health issues that are so often swept under the rug. Along with the fundraising teas, she is working on setting up local therapy & support groups and planning a charity benefit later this year. All in all, things are moving forward quite swimmingly.

We still have our weekly #TopicsToDiscuss about mental health on Monday’s and eating disorders on Tuesdays to raise awareness and remind people that it is ok not to be ok… Opening up about these serious issues are key in the fight against judgment and stigmas. And of course we still have our #InspirationalSongOfTheDay competitions because the way we see it, whatever you’re going through, someone else has also been there… and they probably wrote a song about it. Music can get through to us when ordinary words seem futile. Reminding each and every person suffering in silence out there that they are not alone is just one of the benefits of our twitter account.

On the Zimbabwe front things are just getting started… We have set up a Zim twitter account so that we can targert Zim specific stigmas and challenges regarding mental health. Every Thursday at 8pm we’ll be having a stigma-busting discussion on twitter called  #TTDzim (Topics To Discuss Zimbabwe) and hopefully every conversation will bring us one step closer to understanding and a judgement free country. We’re also urging our followers to kick off their tweeting day with a #ReasonToSmile and posting something positive about their day or something they are looking forward to on their page on a daily bases. We are currently in talks with a few professionals to help us set up a support line – someone you can call when you are feeling depressed or worried about a friend or need help getting in touch with a medical professional. Help is available, sometimes t is just hard to find… We want to do everything in our power to make support more accessible. And once we have our network of professionals set up, we want to set up a support group in every town.

No one should be judged for the way they feel and everyone should have the oppertunity to get help. Our world isn’t perfect and there is still a long way to go before we reach our Utophia but that doesn’t mean we should give up or stop trying to get there. The power is in our hands and we’re tired of waiting for someone else to be the change that we can be but we can’t do it alone, so join us on twitter or like us on facebook and let’s save some lives one conversation at a time…


#263Chat Live Event on 26 June 2013 – A TweetT@ble on ICT, Politics and Zim Economy

Sir Nigel's Journey...

263Chat Small@263Chat in partnership with The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is proud to announce a TweetT@ble (round-table) on Wednesday 26th June 2013.

Venue: – The Conference Room at The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Harare

Time: – 17:00 – 19:00

Topic/Focus: – Can ICTs transform Zimbabwe’s politics and economy?

Keynote Speakers: –

  • Honourable Minister Nelson Chamisa who will focus on the government’s role in increasing access to information and its impact on politics and the economy.
  • Supa Mandiwanzira from @ZiFMStereo will focus on politics of access to information in broadcasting
  • Vincent Kahiya to wrap up – Editor-in-Chief at NewsDay Zimbabwe
  • Her Excellency Ms. Barbara Joziasse, Netherlands Ambassador

Facilitator: – Nigel Mugamu – @SirNige & @263Chat

Nelson Chamisa

Given the size of the venue, it is an invitation only event. Please follow the discussion online via Twitter by following the hashtag #263Chat

Supa Mandiwanzira

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Waitin’ on a sunny day

Read it! Read it now…

The Littlest Hobo

“Here’s a little rock’n’roll lullaby,” he said before gently leading us into the most beautiful, heart- wrenching and glorious moment that I’ve ever had the pleasure to hear during my long and illustrious gig-going career.
I was hoping he’d play it. I really was. It’s my favorite song by him. Possibly my favourite song of all time. A brief play on the harmonica before singing three wonderful words:

“Screen door slams…”

Thunder Road.

Tens of thousands of people fell silent. We all knew this was special, this was a moment, this was the thing we’d all be talking about afterwards. I too, fell silent.

I also cried.

I don’t know why. Was it the enormity of seeing my idol playing my favourite song? I don’t know. Was it the emotion of the crowd, my fellow Boss fans somehow all channelling this fantastic snapshot of our lives upwards to the heavens…

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