Work away from work


You press the snooze button. Maybe more than once… As you lay thee in your bed wishing you didn’t have to get up, the thought crosses you mind: if only I could work without actually going to work…

And no, I’m not talking about staying home and working. I’m talking a bout a work related road trip! Tomorrow I’m having one of those!

2hours of full brainstorming on our way to a lecture/ training course with like minded people where our opinions actually matter and everyone isn’t just rushing around in a zombie like state. Followed by a working lunch and probably some more brain storming or at least a few dozen phone calls and then into another business management training session! I know that this probably sounds über boring but to me it is exactly what the doctor ordered!

A day away from the soul crushing workload that I have come to know as life and full of thought provoking intellectual conversations instead!

So I guess I better make sure I get a good night’s rest! I hope all of you can find something in this week that will inspire you to love your work again



What is your view?

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